Graduation 2019

Hi Graduate of the Louis Dean High School Class of 2019,

First congratulations on your achievement. You can be proud of yourself!!

This page is set-up in a very short notice, so it is very basic. My apologies for that 🙂

Naomi’s mom Kerry notified me about all these special ladies who graduated this year after some years of hard work. I think a lot of people can learn a lesson from you all on how you can still choose your own path despite the fact that life can be hard sometimes.

I decided to reward that. Although I started my business not that long ago, I have the availability of a program which can help people to start their own business and make it successful. I know that there are a lot of other programs available, but this one is unique because it also has all kind of marketing examples ready to use.

Maybe you are not ready to start a business (yet), maybe you have never thought about it, but I am confident that if you like to give it a shot, you will have some foundation to fall back on when time comes.

Of course you can always ask me any question if you want to make that step.

Just fill in the contact form and I will set you up a sap. You can also ask me questions through the form or email me (

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