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“Many Small (Home-)Business Owners have no clue how to be successful. Online or Offline. I help them to get on track to find customers, leads or team-members by using Social Media, Websites and other Marketing options and start boosting their Business again” – Baudina Slikker (Small (Home-)Business Coach)

Here you will find the help you need to start a new (home-)business or to bring your present business online, boost your business online & offline without spending too much money or too much time with meetings, sales-pitches or otherwise.

But it won’t stop there. I will continue to help you to stay successful and to keep going.

Do you need motivation to get going again? Are you stuck? Are you not moving forward anymore with your business?

I offer coaching sessions, which doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Depending what you needs are, we can change your business for ever. I even can find you a lot of extra money to expand your present revenue.

Just contact me for more information.

If you like to know what options you have to go online with your business you can start with the FREE 10 day boot-camp. Other option you find under products.

I you are looking for a system that gives you the business-building tools and support you need based on your unique business needs, I can provide that too. 

If you like to explore your options and find hidden money within your business, just contact me.