About me

Welcome to “Success without BS”

I help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with a small team. I help those who are thinking about starting a home-business. I help those Small Business owners who want to give up, who don’t believe in their business anymore and who want to be  successful (again) with their present business.

AND…. my motto is No Results – No Fee!!!!

My name is Baudina Slikker. Yes, my initials are BS equal to “Bull Sh..”. I would be extremely rich if I got paid a dollar for every time somebody started laughing and explained that to me. I also want you to have success, but at a certain moment you have to do it without me. That’s how I came up with this name. And of course it’s so “special” that you will never forget it.

I am here to help. I don’t like to waist time. Not yours and not mine. So if there are things I don’t like, I will let you know. Also if there is something I do like, I will let you know too. I you think I can get you rich fast, you are at the wrong place. I work for the long term. So you can leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren.

I am located in Cochrane (Alberta), Canada. That doesn’t mean I only work local. My job is without borders. Zoom is a great app which you can use with or without video. These call are one-on-one or I can add a extra person to it if necessary.

My goal is to help those who just started a business, have an existing business, if the business is still just an idea , if it is an Network Marketing or MLM or an Direct Sales business, or if you are working from home making your dreams come true, or anything in between.

Text me, email me, or fill in the contact form and we will go from there.

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