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This is an typical example of not being ready with selling your self or your product …. 🙂

But… I am ready for you. I am even more than ready.

The E-Learning System you are about to sign up for is worked on for more than 15 years by a couple of very seasoned Business Coaches (can I say seasoned, because they are getting old(er)).

It does not only have the weekly series of lesson, which we will start to use for the next 8 weeks, it also contains courses to start fast, how to use social media, etc. It also has tonnes of examples to help you with your marketing.

Too much to mention here.

For that reason, I will start with you to go over everything and explain how you can use it for the next 8 weeks.

So the only question you probably have is, why do I need to pay $1 ???

You would be surprised how many people would sign up and end up doing nothing. And for some physiological reason, even paying that one dollar creates a barrier.

I want to work with people who are really serious about their business. I don’t want to fill up these spots with people who do nothing and basically waist my time.

You got here through an invite from me or by following a link in an ad i placed, so I assume you are really serious. And I am looking forward to work with you.

Still not sure …. watch this video to see what this e-learning system is all about…

Lets go and start working….

Your membership will be paid for 2 months. After that the price will go up to $197 per month. This includes the weekly coaching. If you decide not to continue, just send me an email and I will stop your membership. Absolutely no hard feeling if you decide to stop.

I am convinced you have learned a lot. I know you will learn even more if you stay with me. If you like the program, but can do without the weekly coaching, contact me to discuss.

Sign Up!!

Are you ready to start your challenge?