Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel

The first thought you had is probably why the title of this book? A book about loosing weight. What does this have to do with running your business?

I will explain.

Running a business is difficult. And hard. And the funny thing is, the more you are happy with yourself, mentally and physically, the better you can run your business.

So food is an important part of your life. Food has an incredible impact on how you feel. For that reason I started reading this book. Why? I will tell you.

Two years ago I bought new shoes. My old running shoes were wearing out and it was time for new ones. For more then 30 years I used the same brand. This time I decided to change that. Big, big mistake.

First I started to have some pain in my heel and because of that, I clearly started running differently because my back started to hurt too. Over the period of months the pain in my heel got worse and worse. It took me 6 months to make the connection with my new shoes. 6 Months of taking some rest, starting again with running, taking some more rest, taking no rest, etc. You get the picture. End result was completely rest and no running anymore to repair the damage.

In my life food is important. I never have learned how to control my eating habits. I just eat. And with the running I kept overweight under control. Worked for me.

Until running stopped and frustrations started. Frustrations I got rid of, yes you guessed it right, with food. The result is that I accumulated an giant amount of too much weight, combined with a deteriorated health.

I needed to change. So the first thing I did is grabbing all these diet books and start to follow one diet after another. Some work, some don’t. They all only work for a short time. Only more frustrations were created.

So I started reading this book. Don’t know if this one is better, but the approach is completely different. Don’t diet, but add how you look at food into your life. Tiny steps at the time.

Next month (February 1) I will let you know how it worked out for me.

For now: Look at yourself. Are you happy? Happy about who you are? How you feel? Are there things you can or want to change? Then do it!! Small steps at the time.

Make big changes in small steps.

Small steps can lead to big changes.