When coaching-offers are “cheap”

Do you think business coach’s should ask at least $1K? Do you think when coaching is offered for less, which makes it affordable for you, it is probably useless and a waste of money?

If this is you, but you are in desperate need of a coach, then let this assumption go. For you and your business. Just because you can not do everything by yourself when you are new to the “running a business”. You may need help!

Read further why……

Let me tell you something about how I see it.

First of all a lower price doesn’t mean cheap or fake or worthless. People who say this about coaches who offer their services for less then $1K, are maybe “overpriced” coaches who see it as a treat or they are “old fashioned” coaches or business owners who are paying a lot of money for their coach. Btw, I am absolutely not saying that these coaches don’t deliver what they are payed for. They probably just earn their money by only offering one-on-one coaching. Nothing wrong with that.

So how can good coaches offer these lower prices?

Welcome to the 21-the century where computers, internet and programs like Zoom are common. Where a lot of coaches (especially nowadays with the COVID epidemic) found out that they are able to offer their services by using these options so they can give you a lower price, but still earning more.

How? Simple. Group-coaching.

The advances of group-coaching are enormously. For instance:

  • For the coach, they can help multiple business owners at the same time by answering the same question once.
  • They save a lot of money and time by going online instead of driving around from one client to another.
  • For the business owners, they hear about resolving problems they didn’t think about yet.
  • Also being a part of a group makes you more motivated to keep going, to do the right things, to not procrastinate.

At least, that is how I do it.

That is why I would like to see you becoming a part of my group.

I want to help the group of business owners like you.

  • The business owners who are not able to hire an expensive business coach.
  • Who are of no interest for these expensive coaches, just because of their lack of money.
  • Who are passionate about their product, but are not entirely clear how to do their business (but they try!!).
  • Who work hard, without seeing much of results. 

And last but not least ….. who don’t mind to be part of a group of people, all with the same goal: Become successful in their business.

Like to learn more about my program? Or like to see where you are now and where you can approve your business? Make an complimentary appointment and block off 45 minutes.


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