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Do you have a website? And do you know for sure how many leads your website generates every month? Do you know for sure how many sales your website produces every month?

Most business owners have no idea.

Can I show you why your website isn’t generating leads or closing sales for you? In fact, would you like for me giving you the key to successful marketing?

You must be able to enter the conversation which is taking place in the minds of your prospects. Or another way to look at it is, you must be able to address the number one question on your prospect’s mind at just the right time. So, how do you do this?

It is actually quite simple, when you know and understand the fundamentals of marketing.

The conversation that is taking place in every prospect’s mind revolves around 2 major points:

  1. There is a problem they have and they don’t want
  2. There is a result they want but don’t have.

Now believe it or not, there is actually a marketing formula we follow that takes these 2 points into account and spits out a message so powerful and compelling, it practically forces your prospects to buy what you sell.

It’s called the Conversion Equation and it looks like this:

  • Interrupt
  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Offer


The Interrupt is your headline, which means it’s the first someone sees when they visit your website, read any of your marketing collaterals or hear you speak.

When someone ask what you do, it’s the first words out of your mouth. That’s your headline. And it must address the problem your prospects have that they don’t want.


The Engage is your sub headline, which is the second thing your prospects see or hear. It must address the result your prospects want but doesn’t have.

The educate is the information you provide, either verbally or in writing, that presents evidence to your prospects that you and your product or service are superior in every way to your competition.

Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t different from their competitors. And that is why you must innovate your business to create what we refer to as a marketing dominating position.

You must make your business unique. It must stand out from the crowd. It must make your prospects say to themselves that they would be absolutely idiots to buy from anyone else but you, regardless of price.


And finally, the Offer. You must create a compelling offer, that makes it so irresistible your prospects can’t turn it down.

But here is another critically fundamental of marketing. Because of the saturation of marketing messaging these days, most prospects have become numb to most marketing.

Following our Conversion Equation can dramatically overcome this.

But even with this powerful tool in place, it will still take multiple touchpoints, before your prospects will buy what you sell.

For most businesses today it takes anywhere between 20 to more than 100 touchpoints, before a prospect makes their buying decision.

Following the Conversion Equation reduces the touchpoints to somewhere between 5 to 12 points per contact.

But here is the key. Most businesses don’t follow up with their prospects at all. And this provides a huge window of opportunity for any business that does follow up, to position them selves as the dominant force in their industry.

But, in order to have the opportunity to get your message in front of your prospects 5 to 12 times, you must find a way to collect their contact information.

And that is the purpose of your offer.

Most businesses offer something that only appeals to prospects we call “Now Buyers”, prospects ready to make an immediate purchase.

Unfortunately, “Now Buyers” make up less than 1% of the total number of prospects that are in the market to buy what you sell.

These businesses typically offer prospects a free consultation,  a discount, a coupon, a free assessment, a complimentary quote or the biggest mistake of all “Call Us”.

For most businesses, all of their marketing material, their website, their business card, all list their phone number as their sole offer and that only appeals to that 1% of now buyers. The remaining 99% of viable prospects are investigating and gathering information about what you sell.

They are searching for information, because they want to determine who is offering the best value. You see, prospects don’t shop price, they shop value. The only reason prospects consider price, is that most businesses don’t give them any other value proposition to consider, except price.

Remember what I said a moment ago about making your business unique?

Creating a Marketing Dominating Position.

Most businesses don’t do that. And since they, and all their competitors, look exactly the same, prospects are forced to shop price.

When your offer is to “Call Me”, it basically says “Let Me Sell You” to your prospects.

We are so used to getting nonstop sales pitches these days that we resist to call anyone, with all the fiber in our being. Most people these days won’t answer the phone unless they recognize the caller id.

This type of offers is called an incentive offer. An incentive offers only working for incentive offers, emergency situation and impulse purchases. And remember, most prospects don’t buy until they are exposed to your messaging somewhere between 5 to 12 times. If you tell prospect to call you, then most won’t.


How can you keep marketing to them?

Obviously, you can’t. The secret to effective marketing is to offer what most prospects truly want…. Information.

This is the reason why a squeeze page is so critical. The only thing you provide is a chance to get more useful information. The offer is zero risk to a prospect. And to offer them something they truly want: A solution to their problem.

They can receive it by simply providing their name and email address without having to speak to anyone or being subjective to any type of sales pitch.

On a squeeze page there are no navigation buttons on the page to distract the prospect. In fact, there is only one action they can take. Enter their contact information. Otherwise they have to close the page completely and if they do, that is when we can redirect them to the main website, to see if there is something else that might grab their attention.

The information you provide through a squeeze page proves you are an authority in your field. And you may be the only one providing an education to your prospects.

The more the customers understand every dimension of your business and what you offer, the more comfortable they would feel when they cross that logical or emotional bridge to make their purchase.

Education increases trust and a greater perception of value. With increased value comes the ability to gain market share and take the lead over your competition.

The final question we need to ask is, what is the impact of having a squeeze page? What is possible?

One website owner was getting a 0.76% conversion rate on his website. That means that for every 1000 visitors he had between 7and 8 people buy from him. That is a standard conversion rate across the board. When he got his squeeze page, his conversion rate rocketed to 38%, 380 customers.

You may not achieve this epic result, but here is the beauty of what a squeeze page can do for you.

If you only increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, your business would literally double This is entirely possible with the right messaging. You state a problem people have, but don’t want. And you state the result they want but don’t yet have. 

Normally we look at a simple 5% in a business, but in this case that would be a tremendous disservice to the actual impact that you realize. Even the 10% we use is a grossly, but we realize if we use a higher number it becomes unbelievable to people. So it is best to keep our number lower so they know it is easily achievable. In this case  a 10% increase provides an overall profit impact of 25%. And an additional profit of $50000. There is typically very little cost involved when creating a squeeze page and implanting the conversion equation. This is an excellent way for any business to immediately increase both revenue and profits.

I am here for your success.


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