Follow Up by Using Drip Campaigns

When a prospect doesn’t buy what you sell, how many times do you follow up with them?

Most small business owners focus primarily on generating leads. But remember that, on average, less than 1% of prospects are Now-Buyers.

From all the leads 99% are not ready to purchase that day, but many of them will buy some time in the future. If you continue by nurture them by staying in touch with them on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, the fast majority of small business owners rarely, if ever, follow up with their prospect after their initial contact with them.

So why is that important?

Listen to this very carefully. Of all sales 80% or more occur between the 5th and the 12th point of contact, between the business and the prospect. 80%!

If you give up after 1 or 2 attempts, then what you are selling must not be very important. Even if you are selling through the internet, leaving the follow up process to the individually skills and moods of your staff, will prevent you of ever been on top of your market.

Are you starting to see an opportunity her?

This is where you need to implement a drip campaign and a follow up sequence.

A drip campaign automatically delivers a form of communication to customers or prospects, on a predetermined and scheduled basis.  

Here is the key to your success on this.

Through out all your communication, don’t try to sell.

Instead inform and educate.

Teach or offer your prospect something valuable every single time. That way even if they are not ready to buy what you are offering, they look forward to your contact, because you are giving them something of value, versus spamming them.

Let’s see how this works for an actual business:

A child psychologist generated 300 leads per month through his website. Of those leads 60 opted-in for his informational offer.

And of those who did, 6 of those 60 became patients of his. That meant that 54 prospects did not buy his services.

Those 54 are the prospects that now entered the doctors Drip Campaign.

Out of those 54 prospects an additional 2 of them typically bought within in the next 30 days. This is a pattern which continued month after month. Every month 54 new prospects go into the top of the doctor’s funnel and 2 additional sales per 54 prospects continues to deliver from the bottom of the funnel.

Here is what the numbers looked like over the first year.

The doctor generated approximately 3600 leads which lead to just over 700 new prospects. From the 700 prospects he got 72 new clients immediately, due to his squeeze page. Then the doctor produced 24 new clients through his drip campaign.

That nearly doubled his profits. And that is just in the first year.

Now let’s calculate how this strategy will conservatively impact your business.

Remember 80 % of the sales take place only after 5 or more contacts. And it is doubtful that any of your competitors are doing anything like this what’s so ever.

Therefor you can logically expect to see a dramatic increase in both sales and revenue.

How ever for the purpose of today’s exercise, lets stay extremely conservative and calculate just an 5 % conversion rate for your drip campaign. That is an ultra conservative estimate that a drip campaign can easily produce for your business over the next 12 months. And that conservative amount can easily double each year.  Year after Year. For as long as you keep your drip campaign in place.

You see that a simple 5% gross revenue could actually mean a 12.5% increase in profits?

As you can see from our business example there is typically no cost involved when implementing a drip campaign.

This is an excellent way for any business to immediately increase both revenue and profit.


Now let’s get you started right now by implementing this tactic:

  •  Start following up with your leads.
  • Start your drip campaign. Create emails with useful information which you send out every week, every month, whatever works for you. Most important is that you stay in touch with your leads. Even a postcard can work.
  •  Do you have an email list with leads? Start sending emails which inform and educate. Try not to sell!
  • Place every new lead in this drip campaign.

I am here for your success.


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